Teamcoaching - Together more Success

TeamCoaching is a transnational contribution to the established VET systems, a new concept which meets the expectations of Europe 2020.
This up-to-date teaching concept aims at developing young unemployed peoples' key competencies and is an initial step towards integration.

TeamCoaching = encouragement + key skills + orientation + change

Bearing in mind high unemployment rates among juveniles in Europe (Eurostat report August 2013): Ireland 28.5% - Italy 40.1% - Poland 26% - Spain 56%, employees need a high adaptability and flexibility to cope with the rapidly changing labor market.
In addition to formal qualifications KEY SKILLS (personal, social and methodological skills) are gaining importance.

Obtaining KEY COMPETENCIES through vocational training institutions

Usually entrepreneurial skills, social skills, initiative, problem solving, motivation and more are inadequately taught at a common educational carrier. That is why many young people lack orientation about what the labor market provides and seeks. In the rare cases the above mentioned skills are taught the used methods and pedagogy do not apply to the needs and interest of young people.

EMPOWERMENT by TeamCoaching

Six partners from Germany, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Italy cooperated for over two years in order to find an effective method to help young unemployed people. Therefore the tried-and-tested training concept of Vhs Freyung-Grafenau has been transferred and adopted. The initial situation required a coaching methodology which supports young job seekers to acquire vocational key competencies, entrepreneurial thinking and social skills. The implementation of self-controlled learning conveys the necessary encouragement for the orientation in the labor market and strengthens their intrinsic motivation.